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Tech Sex

He pushes me up onto my desk in the office. After a semester of thinking about my breasts, he rips at the buttons of my shirt. As he kisses me, I place his hands on my chest, his hands massaging. Ignoring how wrong it is to be with a student, I use my legs to … Continue reading

The Numbers Game

The other night Rory and I talked about bad sex. We were lying in his bed, cuddling with my head on his bony shoulder, just killing time until I went out to the bar for foosball and he got some homework done (you know, college student things because he’s still in college). I don’t recall … Continue reading

The Evolution of the Puma

Somehow, my twenties have seen a reversal. My previous relationships and escapades tended to involve males of the older sort. Lately, I’ve been attracting fresh faced boys. Graham, my ex-boyfriend, was 23 to my 25. Before we were exclusive, I had flirtations with a few equally younger men. Though cougar jokes were thrown around here … Continue reading